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Friday, April 17, 2015

Scaloid 4.0 RC1 released

Today, I released a release candidate of Scaloid 4.0. This version has several feature additions and a notable change about versioning:

Scaloid 4.0 is best with Android API Level 16, while still supports Level 10

Scaloid 4.0 distribution is compiled with Android API Level 16, still retaining compatibility with Level 10. Accessor methods and deprecation warning is based on API Level 16, so you have to carefully check the availability of API if you target lower version of Android. In our experience on building an App for Gingerbread, currently we found no obstruction that prevents building a Scaloid app for older devices.

Notes for incompatible changes

To compile with Scaloid 4.0, you have to specify build time Android API in file as android-16 or higher.

Scaloid is released to central maven repository.

For a maven project:
or for an sbt project:
libraryDependencies += "org.scaloid" %% "scaloid" % "4.0-RC1"

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