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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Scaloid 3.0 is released

Today we are pleased to announce Scaloid 3.0. Some new feature highlights are as shown below:

Redesign of LocalServiceConnection

LocalServiceConnection is redesigned to use Option, and prevents possibility of NullPointerException, which was very frequent when accessing service with LocalServiceConnection.

This is a breaking change in source code level. Please migrate the code as introduced in a blog post below:

Changed SImageView(r: Int) to SImageView(r: Drawable)

We believe that source level compatibility is not broken. However, rebuild is required because the parameter signature is changed.

SPaint support

We added an initial attempt to embrace graphics feature of Android API. Please refer to this blog post for a design principle behind this addition.

For a maven project:
or for an sbt project:
libraryDependencies += "org.scaloid" %% "scaloid" % "3.0-8"


  1. Hi, I am wondering why you are not using xml ref in your lib? I noticed that the new version replace a réf by à real drawable.

  2. There is an implicit conversion that automatically convert Int to Drawable.