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Monday, August 5, 2013

Scaloid 2.3 is released

Today I released Scaloid version 2.3. This version is a maintenance release that fixes several issues since the latest version. Major improvements include:

More convenient and organized constructors

Scaloid provided the two-argument apply() function for the object SButton; The first argument represents the text, and the second represents onClick behavior.
val button = SButton("Greet", toast("hello"))

In this version, this kind of initialization is generalized to cover constructors of every classes that inherits TextView. For example:
val textView = new STextView("Greet", toast("hello"))

Scaloid also provides concise initialization functions(in both constructor and apply method) for the classes that inherits ImageView. For example:
val imageView = new SImageView(R.drawable.greet, toast("hello"))

More general constructors for SArrayAdapter

Please refer to the github issues #57 and #58.

...and several minor improvements on APIs

You can include this version of Scaloid into a maven project by:
or a sbt project by:
libraryDependencies += "org.scaloid" %% "scaloid" % "2.3-8"

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